Your School Re-Turfed With Australian-Made Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass isn’t about to take over playing and recreational fields for schools, it already has. Synthetic turf provides a safe, friendly, easy to maintain and cost effective solution for many schools in the Canberra region. Here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Synthetic turf playing fields are supported by major sporting bodies like AFL, NRL, ARB and FIFA
  • A new Play Field can turn an ugly existing space into a multi-purpose area that can be used all year round.
  • Synthetic turf is NOT maintenance free but is usually more cost effective and can easily be maintained by existing ground staff.
  • Utilisation benefits are gained because the new surface can be used more often without wear and tear.
  • Financial benefits include hiring of venue and sponsorship arrangements.
  • Synthetic turf technology has reached a point where it’s as safe, if not safer, than natural turf.

So the first step is to arrange for a free site inspection. I’ll bring with me some photos of other jobs I’ve completed and give you a basic idea of what I propose will work well at your school. I’ll send you a formal quote to the school. All up, this will take 15-20 minutes of your time or longer if needed.

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After 13 years of installing synthetic grass Canberra area, I’m confident I can come up with the very best synthetic grass design for your property.

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If you hire me to do the work this is what you can expect to happen:

  • Remove the old and prepare the site.

    We’ll come out and remove the old and exisiting grass/foliage from your property. Then, we’ll prepare the base so it’s firm and will drain well.

  • Lay the new synthetic grass.

    I’ll then personally ensure the layout of your new synthetic grass is spot on. I like to make sure the design is just how we envisaged in initial site inspection. From here the new synthetic grass is installed.

  • Trim, blend and secure the new Synthetic Grass.

    The next step is to ensure the synthetic edging is perfect and seamlessly integrates into your yard. We don’t rush this step and we do this the old fashioned way. While most just whack in a pin or two, we actually ensure the edging is buried into the ground or fastened cleverly so it’s super secure and out of site. This way, you can be confident that the synthetic grass will stay in place for its lifetime.

  • Educate with tips and tricks on maintenance.

    We’ll finish up by walking you through our work and giving you a brochure on how to look after your new investment.

  • Clean up the yard and take away the debris.

    When we’re done we’ll clean up and ensure ALL rubbish and debris ends up at the tip. There’s nothing left behind and absolutely nothing else for you to do except enjoy your new yard.

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After 878 jobs in the Canberra area, I’m confident I can come up with the very best synthetic grass design for your property.