A number of years ago I saw a gap in the marketplace…

… a way for consumers to hire synthetic grass for their special event.

  • Hard wearing

    Synthetic grass can handle a lot of traffic and still look fantastic.

  • Cope with food and drink:

    Don’t worry about spills, synthetic grass can cope with almost anything you can throw at it.

  • Can be cut to any shape:

    There’s no limit what you can do with synthetic grass. We can cut it to any shape to suit any sort of function or area you have.

  • Ideal for corporate events:

    We can cut your logo or corporate colours into the grass. This is a great way to promote your brand and stand out from the crowd.

  • Works well on all surfaces:

    Synthetic grass not only looks great, it’s adaptable to all surfaces. This is particularly useful if your event is outside and you’re worried about rain or heat.


And here’s the thing…


… synthetic grass in most cases is far more effective and versatile than red carpet or other flooring options. And we think it can look even better, giving your event a classy and cool look. Here are 5 reasons why synthetic grass might be the best option for your event:


We started small, offering our premium synthetic grass to small local events. But over the years we’ve grown and now have warehouses and synthetic grass all over Australia.

Enquire about Grass Hire Today.

I have a dedicated website and user guide that you can see on our Grass Hire website.

Synthetic grass gives your event a different look. You’ll get a cool, calm and classy feel and we’re positive our grass will become a talking point. Time and time again our clients tell us they love our grass concepts and watch as their guests want to touch it to make sure it isn’t real.