Australian-Made Synthetic Grass At Its Best

Quality Australian Made Synthetic Grass.

It would have been easy for me to go down the cheapest option (many landscapers and installers do) but this isn’t my style. I made a decision years ago to stick with a quality Australian product. For starters, this grass is:

  • Chemical free
  • Made from quality Australian polymers
  • Made to withstand our climate (hot summers and freezing winters)
  • Won’t shrink or fade
  • Looks realistic
  • Totally safe
  • Pet proof
  • Keeping jobs in Australia

I understand that you can shop around and find cheaper grasses. But why would you? This Aussie made grass requires a slightly higher investment on your part, but we’re only talking about a few bucks. And that’s the main point here. It’s an investment. My grass is fully guaranteed for 10 years and is backed by me and a group of family owned Australian businesses.

Bottom line? We’re legit. We pride ourselves on our products and service and if there is ever an issue, we’ll go to the end of the earth to fix it for you.

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After 878 jobs in the Canberra area, I’m confident I can come up with the very best synthetic grass design for your property.

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Quality Synthetic Grass

Listen up. Not all synthetic grasses are the same. Many are cheap imports that don’t look that good (they have that “plasticy” look to them). Worse, these cheaper synthetic grasses aren’t suited to our climate. They shrink, fade and can even totally disintegrate in only months.

And it doesn’t stop there. You simply don’t know what sort of chemicals are in these offshore grasses. Why would you take the chance with your family and pets, when you can choose a much safer option.


What kind of grass do we have?

I’ve got a full range of landscape grass for every type of application. There are short pile varieties for a clean and sleek look and the longer pile grasses for that soft, lush feel. The choice is yours.

I’ve also got grasses that are ideal for backyard play areas (the kids will love it) and I can even design and build you a golf putting green if that’s your thing.


Are you interested?

Here’s how I like to roll. Simply call my wife Nancy on 02 6236 8231 and she’ll arrange a day and time for a site inspection. I’ll turn up on the day with a range of samples and my measuring tape. I’ll work out how much grass you’ll need and walk you through some of the best options. I’ll then leave you with a written and signed estimation that you can peruse in your own time.

And that’s it. There’s no high pressure selling or obligation. Call Nancy now on 02 6236 8231